Cureology Beauty Campaign In Marfa Texas

Campaign Creative Directors



Mari Alex Littlefield, April Slough, Brittany Fague, Kelly Tomlinson


Makeup Artist

Advertising, Lifestyle
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About This Project

“Cureology Beauty was born in 2012 as a cause based brand. Cureology’s focus and mission are to give back and bring greater attention and awareness to various breast cancer charities and foundations. Advocacy begins with each of us, and with each purchase of a Cureology product you are making a donation towards breast cancer screening, research, and education.”


cureology_marfa2015-0004-300x200 Cureology Beauty Campaign In Marfa Texas

More About This Shoot

Marfa Texas is located in the high desert of the Trans-Pecos in far West Texas. Together this team of creative professionals came together to produce Cureology’s Beauty Campaign. The concept was to translate their ‘socially responsible’ brand outlook and how it relates to beauty.